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Design Matters!

House Plans with Character . Quality Home Building . Material Selection

We created Authentic Homes after our last house shopping adventure in Utah... Why did all of the houses seem the same inside? Why were the fixtures so generic? What architectural style is this?? We can’t explain the creative home dearth in Utah but we want more for our clients. Everyone deserves a beautiful, well-built home!

Designer: Tanya Pilling

I am dedicated to designing beautiful homes with character using enduring design concepts.

Why hire me?
Creativity: I am an artist with a design degree and the skills to ensure your home is balanced, interesting, and functional.

Experience: I understand the construction process. With a prior career in process improvement I have the skills to commit to a firm start date and complete plans in a timely manner.

Value: At .75 a square foot I have one of the best rates in the industry as a home office reduces overhead and I pass the savings on to you. 3D views are included with my drafting which allows you to virtually view your home before building it.

Flexibility: Select a stock plan or participate in the creative process of designing your custom home. Pick and choose which services you need, just house plans or full Design Build.

Contractor: Greg Pilling

A home is a substantial investment of time and money for a family. My goal is to make the building experience enjoyable with a quality home at an affordable price as the end result.

Why hire me?
Quality: Through obtaining my MBA and running small businesses I have learned how to achieve quality results for my clients.

Experience: I have been a contractor for over 9 years and have hands on experience with all aspects of the process.

Value: I charge cost +14%. Using a cost plus model assures you full transparency of building costs.

Flexibility: My cost plus model allows you to choose the quality you want in your home without inflated upgrade prices. I also allow flexibility for owners that want to do some of their own work.

We are a one designer, one contractor solution if you are hoping for outstanding design and quality construction yet not wanting to pay a high priced architect and big builder.