What is the process to design custom house plans?

1. SECURE START DATE: To secure your Start Date now, select your preferred date from the Date field, click Add to Cart, Check Out, then enter info and pay for the deposit. The deposit paid will be subtracted from the total bill upon completion of your house plans. A Design Specification Form and Contract will be sent,  allowing you to give me all of the details required in your home.

Note: If you would like to pay by check, select Check Out, enter your contact info, select Continue to Payment Method, select the Check option, our mailing address will then be displayed.

2. COLLECT INFO: If you have purchased your lot, collect site coordinates, gather Architectural Review info and CCR&R's if applicable. Complete the Design Specifications form and sign the Design Service Contract. Submit this document to me a minimum of 5 days before your Start Date.

3. DESIGN: On or before your Start Date I will contact you and design a conceptual floor plan and exterior sketch for your review. Each design change slows the process but you may submit as many changes as needed during this phase.

4. DRAFTING: When you give final approval on design sketches, plans will be drafted and sent to you for one last opportunity to make changes. Be thorough, one set of reviews is acceptable, additional revisions are $75 an hour.

5. ENGINEERING: After you approve the drafted plans and make the final payment I will email you a pdf of the plans and send them to an engineer. They will send you a contract with their fees (typically .43 a sq ft for living space, and 2-3 weeks turnaround time) and will structurally engineer and stamp your plans. They will provide you with engineer stamped plans and engineering specifications.

How long does it take start to finish for house plans?

It depends largely on the number of changes. As quickly as a week or possibly 2-3 months. You can proceed at your desired pace.

I like some of the architectural styles listed on the Authentic Homes website but have my own inspiration photos, is that okay?

Absolutely, the architectural styles are a guide. Your home will be fully customized to meet your needs.

What if a style is shown with two floors but I only want one?

Not a problem, any of the architectural styles shown can be altered to meet your needs.

What is a site plan?

A site plan is a computer drafted document displaying setbacks and your home's placement on your lot.

What areas do you serve for house plans?

I am based in Saratoga Springs, Utah County, Utah. If you are not within convenient driving distance, it's easy to do the planning online and the final plans are sent as a PDF via email.

I will design plans for every state in the United States. However, it would require you finding an engineer in your state for engineering structural requirements.