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Start the Custom House Plan Process

Start the Custom House Plan Process

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Ready to start?

1. SECURE START DATE: To secure the next available Start Date, select a deposit amount and click Add to Cart, Check Out, then enter info and pay for the deposit. The deposit paid will be subtracted from the total bill upon completion of your house plans. Please email me for a copy of my contract.

Note: If you would like to pay by check, select Check Out, enter your contact info, select Continue to Payment Method, select the Check option, our mailing address will then be displayed.

2. COLLECT INFO: If you have purchased your lot, collect plat, topography if lot is sloped, and gather Architectural Review info and CCR&R's if applicable. Complete the Design Specifications form and sign the Design Service Contract. Gather inspiration photos. Submit these documents to me a minimum of 5 days before your Start Date.

3. DESIGN: On or before your Start Date I will contact you and design a conceptual floor plan and exterior sketch for your review. Each design change slows the process but you may submit as many changes as needed during this phase.

4. DRAFTING: When you give final approval on design sketches, plans will be drafted and 3D views created. During the design process an online 3-D model of your home will also be available for viewing.

5. FINAL REVIEW: When the ceilings and electrical are complete, plans will be sent to you for one last opportunity to make changes. 

5. ENGINEERING: After you approve the drafted plans and make the final payment I will email you a pdf of the to scale construction sheets.  CAD files will be sent to my engineer or one of your choosing for a bid. They will provide you with engineer stamped plans and engineering specifications.


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