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OIL PORTRAITS by Tanya Pilling

OIL PORTRAITS by Tanya Pilling

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"Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it." Robert Motherwell

OIL Portrait Pricing:

8x10= $400
11x14= $600
14x18= $950
16x20= $1,300
18x24= $1,600
24x30= $1,900
24x36= $2,000
24x48= $2,300
36x48= $2,600
40x60= $2,850
48x60= $3,500
If a detailed background is desired, add 20%.
For an additional figure in portrait, add 50%.
Travel (if needed), framing, and sales tax not included in pricing.
OIL Portrait Procedure:
An initial discussion would take place regarding your general expectations of the portrait. Once a commitment is made, a 40% deposit would be given and an approx. 30 minute photo shoot would be scheduled if needed.
When the artist's proposed composition is approved, sittings (if needed) would be scheduled. The painting would then commence and the final payment would be due upon acceptable completion of the work.

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